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Volume 5 Issue 1 มกราคม - เมษายน 2558

The Kawabatan Quest for Purity: A Study on Sexuality in Modern Japanese Literature
หน้า 1-18
Chi-sum Garfield LAU
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Community Participation in Managing The Space and Settlement Environment on The Riparian Area: A Case Study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
หน้า 19-30
Rini Rachmawati
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Local Wisdom in Designing Vernacular Buddhist Holy Temples that Creating the Thermal Comfort: Case study of Khun Kong temple's Sim in Nang Rong district, Buriram province
หน้า 31-47
Sombat Prajonsant, Visar Feangwiang, Pipat Prajonsant
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Forest Resource Use and Poverty Alleviation for Forest-dependent Communities in the Northern Rural Upland Areas of Vietnam
หน้า 48-70
Le Thu Hoa
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The Developing Balanced Scorecard of School Management Model for Secondary Schools in the Northeast
หน้า 71-96
Pattira Chamkrom, Somkid Sroinam, Chatree Nakagul
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Requesting the Protection for Geographical Indication of the Khid Silk Weaver NongWua So Group, UdonThani Province
หน้า 97-110
Jeerasak Dittaponkhan
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The Teaching in the Chanting Poem "Lord Buddha entered the Nirvana" and the Local Beliefs in the Thai Society
หน้า 111-135
Machima Weerasilp, Nanchaya Mahakhan
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The Nectar of Truth: A Selection of Buddhist Aphorisms By Phra Brahmagunabhorn (P.A. Payutto), translated from the Thai by
หน้า 136-137
Somseen Chanawangsa
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