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The Power of Media Effect: Construction Television as Media for Anti-Corruption Education in Indonesia
Dhinar Aji Pratomo , Rachmat Kriyantono

Exploring University Students Attitudes and Strategies in a Blended English Language Learning Environment
Thitirat Suwannasom , Nancy Guigue Catane

Local Wisdom: Course Development Based on Learning Outcome and Community-based Learning Approach
Orawan Buranrak

An Anaytical Study of the Thai Caricature in the Social Media
Suwanna Ngamlue

The Scenario of Leadership of Thai Female Primary School Administrators in The Next Decade (2014-2024)1
Manthana Pakkunanon, Naengnoi Yanwaree , Somkid Sroinam and Chumpol Poolpatarachewin

Informal Organization: a New Dimension of a Social Development Concept to Steer Public Policy
Auschala Chalayonnavin

Teachings Based on Socioscientific Issues in Science Classrooms: A Review Study
Sasithep Pitpiorntapin, Mustafa Sami Topcu

Book Review: Manut Romantic (Romantic Human)
Pasutar Kamolmal


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