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Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan - Apr 2016

Teachings Based on Socioscientific Issues in Science Classrooms: A Review Study

Sasithep Pitpiorntapin
Mustafa Sami Topcu


       In recent years, teaching based on socioscientifi issues (SSIs) is being adopted to promote scientifi literacy. In this review study, we discuss the importance of SSI-based teaching and controversial issues surrounding it. Next, we present an instructional framework and discuss strategies and models for SSI-based teaching. We conclude with our observations for two types of SSI-based teaching adopted for tenth-grade students. Importantly, this study covers the keystones of SSI-based teaching, such as how SSIs can be explained and taught in classrooms from the perspective of science. Thus, our study has key implications for science teachers and related practitioners.

Keywords: Socioscientifi issues, Teaching approach, Scientifi literacy

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