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Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan - Apr 2016

An Anaytical Study of the Thai Caricature in the Social Media

Suwanna Ngamlue


       This research aims to study and analyze Thai political caricatures as appeared on the social media by Google from December 2013 to February 2014. Documentary and related research is literary humor media and the research of political cartoon. The Semiology Theory by Ferdinand de Saussure was used as the theoretical framework of this study. Based on the fidings, the political caricatures used in this study can be categorized into 2 groups: single-panel and multiple-panel caricatures. Single-panel has 11 forms. Most of the singlepanel caricatures were in the form of fim posters. Multiple-panel is only one burst form. About content, Thai political mobs were mostly portrayed in the caricatures used in this study. The caricatures of Yinluck Shinawatra, Former Thai Prime Minister, were mostly found in the single-panel caricatures,while Abhisit Vejjajivas caricatures were mostly found in the multiple-panel caricatures. The devices used in the political caricatures can be divided into imagery, naming, and content devices. These devices were applied to the political caricatures in 3 different ways: use of 1 device only, use of 2 devices, and use of 3 devices. Regarding the writing mechanics, use of impolite words was the most prominent writing mechanic found in the political caricatures, followed by use of imagery words, use of foreign words, use of shortened words or abbreviations, and use of transliterated words. The wheel has two meanings in visual appearance: denotion and connotion. It can be said that caricatures help reflct Thai social in various aspects; i.e., Thai humors, the ability of Thai people to apply computer and technology to producing political caricatures, the creativity of Thai people, and the freedom of Thai people to express their own opinions. Besides these, the political caricatures are used as a means to criticize what has been going on in Thai society, and at the same time, stimulate readers to be aware of these ongoing situations. These political caricatures affect to feelings and heart of people. So manufacturer caricature must be careful, should not presented inappropriate pictures : porntgraphy. Avoid aggressive tirade of profanity, or show bias. The content should be accurate and true.

Keywords: Thai caricature, Social media, Politics

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