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Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan - Apr 2016

Local Wisdom: Course Development Based on Learning Outcome and Community-based Learning Approach

Orawan Buranrak


       The objective of this study was to fid ways to improve the learning behavior generosity and to develop teaching Course 000 153 (Local Wisdom). We have a project for 114 students enrolled into the course in the fist semester of the academic year 2013 were divided into 17 groups of 6-7 students using segmentation on interests of students in the same pattern in all groups, and phased manner in the factors of gender in each group by the Board of General Education. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and analysis of qualitative data by evaluating the performance of participant observation, focus group discussion, retention of board to learn to do the project, attitudes to learning activities and others from collecting all seven phases. The study found the learning outcomes. These can arise from activities in the classroom and conduct a community-based learning. The conclusion of a study was to develop an approach to learning in the course to develop effective behavioral teaching, and information to a proposal to University-based decisions to improve the management of the Bureau of General Education.

Keywords: Local wisdom, General education, Learning outcome, Learning management, Community-based learning

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