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Foreign Students Motivation in Vietnamese Language Course at Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, University of Social Science and Humanities Hochiminh City National University, Vietnam
Nguyen Thu Lan , Nguyen Tra Giang and Nguyen Van Chanh


       The purposes of this study were to examine the motivation levels of full-time and part-time students and to evaluate the differences in motivation between them regarding Physiological needs, Safety needs, Social needs and Esteem needs toward learning while in the Vietnamese language course at Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, Social Science and Humanities University Hochiminh city National University. The sample size in this study included 118 full-time students and 261 part-time students. Furthermore, the Cronbach alpha and Independent t-test was used to analyze the data in this study. The results and discussions showed both full-time and part-time students scored very high motivation level in items The Vietnamese Studies Faculty is located at a convenient site; The lecturers have good teaching methods; Vietnamese Studies Faculty is a reputable teaching place; Can help me have more friends; To improve my skills of teamwork; To improve the knowledge and language; To bring the respect of others and Can make me feel more confient (Sig > 0.05). Thus, there were not signifiant differences between them and this differed from the hypothesis. However, full-time students had higher motivation than part-time students in item The suitable learning program and they also scored very high levels while part-time students scored neutral and low levels in items Vietnamese Studies Faculty is a reputable teaching place; With flxible timetable. On the other hand, full-time students had lower motivation than part-time students in item Can bring me to higher standing in the society. Hence, there were signifiant differences between them in these items (Sig < 0.05) and these supported the hypothesis. In terms of conclusions for the item With flxible timetable, the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies should apply these results to renew the class time in a way suitable to part-time students in order to increase their motivation.
Keywords: motivation, Vietnamese language course, foreign students, Faculty of Vietnamese Studies. Regression

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