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Volume 5 Issue 1 มกราคม - เมษายน 2558

Local Wisdom in Designing Vernacular Buddhist Holy Templesthat Creating the Thermal Comfort : Case study of Khun Kong temple's Sim in Nang Rong district, BuriRam province
Sombat Prajonsant *,Visar Feangwiang ,Pipat Prajonsant
Lecturer, Faculty of Industrial TechnologyBuriRamRajabhat University BuriRam Thailand


       The objectives of this research project entitled "Local Wisdom in Designing Vernacular Buddhist Holy Temples (Sim) that Creating the Thermal Comfort: Case study of Khun Kong temple's Sim in Nang Rong district, BuriRam province" were to examine the architecture patterns, and to explain the body of knowledge of the local wisdom in designing the vernacular Sims for creating the thermal comfort to building occupants according to architecture disciplines and the results received from the scientific measurement.These Simaged over 400 years. The insides of the Simwas measured in terms of the air temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity (no MRT) by using scientific instruments since December 2012 to July 2013 in order to utilize the obtained data for explaining the architecture designing disciplines in creating the thermal comfort regarding the planning, roof shapes, building shapes, and designing the voids. The results from the study showed that throughout the day in winter, summer, and rainy season, the inside of Simsprovided the thermal comfort to the building occupants: the mean of temperature ranged between 23.40 ๐c - 35.90 ๐c, the mean of relative humidity ranged between 43.00 - 99.00%, and the mean of air velocity ranged between 0.07 - 0.55 meters per second. Even though the temperature was above the Bioclimatic Chart developed by Victor Olgyay, the temperature was in compliance with the field studies of Thai scholars-it was found that the thermal comfort has a high degree of correlation with local weather conditions, and the most important thing was the adaptability of the building occupants resulted in their comfortable feeling at all times. The results from the study helped explain the local wisdom in designing by using the architecture designing disciplines which provided the thermal comfort regarding building.
Keywords: Architecture, Vernacular Architecture, Thermal Comfort, Local Wisdom, Sim

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