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Volume 4 Issue 1 มกราคม - เมษายน 2557

Low-cost housing as driving force of reduction the socio-economic inequalities: Case study BMK program, Thailand
Kitapatr Dhabhalabutr (Full time lecturer, Faculty of Architecture Khon Kaen University Khon Kaen Thailand)


       In the world of low-income housing, BMK (Baan Mankong or Secured Housing) program marks a paradigm shift in Thailand history because it is understood to be a solution to the increasing socio-economic equality between authority and slum community. Thai government realizes the need of enhance more equitable housing distribution to slum community due to the significance of slum people in providing the work force for the continued social-economic prosperity. Empowerment has apparently been key subjected when slum housing encourages the socio-economic equality. Socio-economic integrated empowerment was promoted to enhance slum community capacity and asset by providing community access to the base of production wealth such as financial resource, knowledge/skill, and institutional network. However, the vital knowledge gap does not clearly emphasized is the association between the empowerment, slum upgrading program, and the socio-economic equality. Thereby, this paper attempts to establish the linkage of those key subjects. Case study method is employed to examine the practice of BMK program between 2003 and 2007, and then flow into the post-BMK developments. This paper utilizes the empowerment approach as theoretical framework for analysis and link those concerned subjects together. Particularly the up-scale of empowerment at the post-BMK period demonstrates the low-cost housing program as powerful driving force of increasing socio-economic equalities. This substantial movement manifests on the policy and institutional reform at the national level. The finding could contribute to the alternative framework that enhances slum community's capacity for policy maker and practitioner. (240 words)
Keywords: socio-economic equality, BMK (Baan Mankong Program), socio-economic empowerment

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