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Volume 4 Issue 1 มกราคม - เมษายน 2557

Corporate Social Responsibility and Applications from Japanese Cases into Vietnam Socio-economic Development
Vu Dinh Huy (IBD programme National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam Email: vuhuy1712@gmail.com)
Vu Huy Thong (Assoc.Prof., PhD.National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam Email: vhthong@yahoo.com and thongvh@neu.edu.vn)


       Nowadays, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important issue in socio-economic life. It is not only the key factor for companies to build up reputation, enhance business but it also shows the influence from corporations to the whole society. However, this term is still remaining unfamiliar with many business firms in Vietnam where many problems about environment destruction, sickness to consumers or violating business ethics have been occurred for the past few years. Therefore, many differences in the way CSR operates in our country compare to other countries, and particularly, to Japanese companies doing business within global context as well. For that, it is necessary to examine and analyze this topic in order to have the best view on the real situation of CSR in Vietnamese companies and also to apply the experiences from Japanese corporations for future development of Vietnam. By collecting data from case studies, this paper will focus on big companies like Honda Vietnam, Toyota Vietnam and comparing to Japanese corporations like Sumitomo, Honda for havin1g the most specific CSR activities, then, bringing implications and conclusions. Based on all the facts and figures that have linked to cases of Honda Vietnam, Honda Japan, Vinamilk and Sumitomo, it can be seen a big gap between views and activities of CSR from Vietnam and Japan. It is now the time for more organizations in Vietnam to realize the importance of CSR, getting experiences from Japanese cases for taking the right step towards success. Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibi
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Japanese CSR Cases, lessons in Vietnam

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