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Volume 11 Issue 1 มกราคม - กุมภาพันธ์ 2555

Generalized Network Externality Function
หน้า 1-9
Arnut Paothong and G.S. Ladde
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Chain Restaurant Service Quality in Thailand: Expectation-Perception Gap and Patronizing Timing(Day of a Week and Time of a Day) for Undergraduates in the Northeastern Region
หน้า 10-18
Kawpong Polyorat and Suvenus Sophonsiri
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Volatility Estimation and Forecasting for the Stock Returns of Resource Group by GARCH-M Model
หน้า 19-32
Surachai Chancharat and Mantana Makuntod
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Forecasts the impact of Thailand – China’s High Speed Rail on SME Business in Nongkhai Province
หน้า 32-44
Anongnuch Thienthong and Aomduean Sitthiprom
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Forecasting future demand for water consumption using the ARIMA modal and GARCH modal
หน้า 45-55
Nicha Supapim andSumeth Kaenmanee
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The Term Factors and Lags in Impacts of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism of Thai Economics
หน้า 56-65
Penporn Pukahuta
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An Equation of Oil Palm Plantation Areas in Thailand
หน้า 66-76
Purawich Phitthayaphinant Ayut Nissapa Buncha Somboonsuke and Theera Eksomtramage
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