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Volume 12 Issue 2 กรกฎาคม - ธันวาคม 2557

Satisfaction and Antecedents, Factors Driving Student Loyalty in Private Higher Education Institutes in Upper North of Thailand
Daungporn Puttawong, Ph.D. and Maris Kunakorn, Ph.D


       The main purpose of this research were to examine the theoretical model with empirical data and describing the inflence relationship of antecedent variables in student loyalty model of private higher education institutes in upper north of Thailand. The quantitative research method was used to collect data from a sample size of 390. Multi – state sampling techniques were used in collecting data and the research instrument was a 7 rating scale questionnaire. The research data analysis with descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and structural equation model analysis was used to test the hypothesis model. The research results and discussion concluded that, the student satisfaction and 3 antecedents which are the factors driving in student loyalty of private higher education institutions with statistic signifiant level 0.05. This model was perfectly fi with the empirical data and is predicted by student satisfaction and antecedent variables up to 76.9%. Moreover, the fidings of the study illustrate that, perceived value has an antecedent which strongly indirectly driven to student satisfaction. The consequences in perceived value toward student loyalty which has delivery inflence by intervening variables such as, institute image and institute trust was found to be moderate to minimal. Hence, student satisfaction is the only variable that has maximum direct effect on student loyalty.

Keywords: Satisfaction and Antecedents, Factors Driving, Student loyalty
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