KKU Research Journal
ISSN 0859-3957

շ 19 Ѻ 3 Ҥ - Զع¹ 2557

Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of pomegranate (Punica granatumLinn.) peel extracts
˹ 353-360
Sirikhwan Tinrat and Chatchawan Singhapol
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Agricultural Wastes Potential (Pineapple Crown, Durian Peel and Sugarcane Leaves) on Reducing Sugar Production by Using Sulfuric Acid Pretreatment Following Enzymatic Hydrolysis
˹ 361- 370
Thirawan Boonwong , Sujinna Karnnasuta and Teerapatr Srinorakutara
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Anthracnose Disease of Strawberry and Use of Antagonistic Microorganism for Disease Prevention
˹ 371-384
Somphong Singbanha , Nuttha Potapohn and Prasartporn Smitamana
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Factors and optimal operating condition of process factors affecting the quality of polyethylene terephthalate bottle
˹ 385-398
Amin Lawong and Charnnarong Saikaew
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In vitrotissue culture of Dendrobium kontumense Gagnep
˹ 399-413
Rattanavalee Senavongse , Piyaporn Saensouk and Surapon Saensouk
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Uncertainty Management in Production Planning Process Painted Cab: A Case Study of Truck Assembly Factory
˹ 414-429
Nopphasorn Achawaporn and Parames Chutima
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Fructooligosaccharides in food and commercial food products in Thailand
˹ 430-440
Chanantita Chaito and Kunchit Judprasong
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Effect of Chitosan and Acid solution coordination Steeping time on Physiochemical Properties and GABA content of Germinated Brown Rice Flour Produced from Brown Rice (Oryza sativa L.cv.105)
˹ 441-450
Surathanan kongwan , Kamolwan Jangchud and Anuvat Jangchud
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Effects of Adding Fumaric Acid on Phytochemical Antioxidation and Antimicrobial Stabilities in Baked Corn Products
˹ 451-462
Hathaigan Kokkaew and Theparit Pitirit
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Evaluating laboratory performance on analysis of mandatory nutrients for nutrition labelling
˹ 463-484
Jirapitcha Boonpor , Kunchit Judprasong and Prapasri Puwastien
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Effects of Cooperative Learning on Knowledge and Ability of Nursing Students in Health Assessment using Functional Health Pattern
˹ 485-494
Chintana Suwittawat
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Health Vulnerability Assessment of Flooded Communities Near Kaeng Lawa, Khon Kaen
˹ 495-513
Phatcharee Srikuta , Uraiwan Inmuong and Yanyong Inmuong
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