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ISSN 0859-3957

շ 19 Ѻ 2 չҤ-¹ 2557

Rice Straw Amendment and SulfateAffecting Methane Production and Chemical Properties in Paddy Soils
˹ 193-200
Chhin Phy, Ketsuda Dejbhimon, Daungsamon Tulaphitak, Phrueksa Lawongsa, Nipa Thammasom and Patcharee Saenjan
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Drying Characteristics of Longan Flesh by Infrared Radiation
˹ 201-214
Sunate Surbkar, Thanasit Wongsiriamnuay. Sujitra Ratanamarno and Rawin Surbkar
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The Production of Monacolin K, Citrinin and Pigments in Noodle Waste Angkak Fermented by Various MonascusStrains
˹ 215-222
Utaiwan Chattong and Katekan Dajanta
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Study Temperature Effect on Metallurgical Properties of Semi-Solid State Joining of aluminum SSM 356
˹ 223-232
Thongchai Khrueaphue and Prapas Muangjunburee
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Multiobjective two-stage optimization of a plate structure using a population-based incremental learning method
˹ 233-244
Tawatchai Kunakote and Sujin Bureerat
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Leaf surface morphology and anatomy of some species of Leeaceae in Thailand
˹ 245-260
Weeriya Thanee, Piyaporn Saensouk and Surapon Saensouk
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Land Use Change, Cost-Benefit of Plant, and Optimal Crop Planning in Takut Sub-district, Muang District, Saraburi Province
˹ 261-269
Wanpiti Thammasri
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Thermoelectric and Magnetic Properties of La 0.7 (Sr 1-x Ca x) 0.3 MnO 3 Synthesized by Thermal Hydro-Decomposition Method
˹ 270-275
Supree Pinitsoontorn and Muttika Phewbang
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Indoor-positioning of Wireless Devices by Using Data Mining Algorithms with 2 Access Points
˹ 276-283
Shutchon Premchaisawatt and Nararat Ruangchaijatupon
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Design of Experiment for Evaluating The Optimal Condition in Drying Process of Rubberwood
˹ 284-292
Somsak Kaewploy and Kulyuth Boonseng
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Surface Roughness Prediction of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy in Milling Using Regression Model
˹ 293-304
Somsiang Chantasee and Sirichai Punsomsakul
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A Study of Performance and Deterioration of Lubricating Oil of Diesel Generator by Biodiesel Blends
˹ 305-319
Kitti Sathapornprasath and Tawatchai Charoenkul
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Effect of Moisture Ventilation and Multi-drying Shelf on Drying Perfor-mance of Round scads (Decapterus maraudsi, Temminck & Schlegel)
˹ 320-332
Jaruwat Jareanjit, Wasan Jeentada andThanwit Naemsai
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Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Tube Heat Exchanger with a V-Shape Winglet Turbulator
˹ 333-343
Suriya Chokphoemphun, Teerapat Chompookham and Pongjet Promvonge
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Logistics Cost Structure for Farmer of Durain in Chanthaburi Province
˹ 344-353
Sanan Thoucharee and Waraporn Junwiang
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Exposure to benzene among workers in gasoline stations: a case study in Khon Kaen municipality, Muang Khon Kaen
˹ 354-361
Chatsuda Pimpasaeng and Sunisa Chaiklieng
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