KKU Research Journal
ISSN 0859-3957

շ 19 Ѻ 1 Ҥ - Ҿѹ 2557

Batch and Continuous Ethanol Fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisiae NP 01 Using Cell Recycling Technique
˹ 1-8
Arthit Thani Pattana Laopaiboon and Lakkana Laopaiboon
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Effectiveness enhancement of sugar cane juice fermentation for polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production
˹ 9-18
Pakjirat Singhaboot and Pakawadee Kaewkannetra
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Leak Defect Reduction of Hard Disk Drives.
˹ 19-30
Suthinan Ritthong, Angsumalin Senjuntichai
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A Comparative Study of Data Mining Techniques to Predict Agricultural Production: A Case Study in Thai Rice
˹ 31-43
Kanitta Kulnawin Panchit Longpradit Chamaiporn Charoenporn and Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol
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Supplementary Toy Development for Children with the Multiple Disabilities in Nakhon Si Thammarat
˹ 44-59
Pongtep Weerapong and Ubonrat Numnaphol
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Location of Central Depots for Ethanol Supply Chain in Thailand
˹ 60-74
Rojanee Homchalee and Weerapat Sessomboon
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Influence of Void Fraction and Filling Ratio on Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Packing Bed Thermosyphon (PBTP)
˹ 75-81
Sanhawat Thongdaeng Namphon Pipatpaiboon and Sampan Rittidech
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Simulation Modeling and Analysis of an Outpatient Clinic of the College of Medicine and Public Health, Ubon Ratchathani University
˹ 82-91
Sun Olapiriyakul Tawanchai Phohom Paweemsamorn Srisutum Supalak BoonKoom and Papassara Polsaen
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Utilization of Agricultural Residues from Monascus Fermentation
˹ 92-106
Sunee Eadmusik
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The Prevalence and Personal Factors related to Musculoskeletal Disorders in Occupational Van Drivers: A case study of Public Transport Center in Hatyai, Songkhla.
˹ 107-118
Nachaya Sea-jern KlangduenPochana and Angoon Sungkhapong
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Evaluation on Optimum Dietary n-3/n-6 Fatty Acids Ratio for Growth of Asian Sea Bass, Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) Using the Commercially Practical Diet
˹ 119-130
Pichet Plaipetch Montakan Tamtin Jeerarat Kuekaew Pradit Chonchuenchoband Banyat Siritanawongsa
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Review article
New Alternative Data Storage Technology When Hard Disk Drive Reach Saturation
˹ 131-149
Supakorn Harnsoongnoen
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Avian malaria: transmission blocking strategies for the malaria parasite in domestic chicken Gallus gallus domesticus and applications for human malaria disease control.
˹ 150-160
Sittiporn Pattaradilokrat
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Neural Networks for Chemical Process
˹ 161-179
Wachira Daosud
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Health Science
Health needs assessment of physical therapy for the elderly in suburban of Bangkok after flooding in 2011
˹ 180-191
Pakaratee Chaiyawat and Benjawan Sophonratanapokin
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