KKU Research Journal
ISSN 0859-3957

շ 18 Ѻ 3 Ҥ - Զع¹ 2556

Production of hard tofu from calcium fortified soybean milk and its chemical and sensory properties
˹ 371-379
Sunee Eadmusik Prapasri Puwastien and Anadi Nitithamyong
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Rice Straw Insulation Sheet
˹ 380-390
Wannawit Taemthong
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Evaluation of Fungicide and Actinomycete Efficiency in Controlling Nalanthamala psidii, Causal agent of Guava Wilt Disease
˹ 391-403
Nisakorn Suwan Suthichai Thavornwong and Sarunya Nalumpang
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A Study of the Quantity of Materials from Computer Scraps Recycling Process
˹ 404-418
Apichon Kamnerdwam Wanida Rattanamanee Runchana Sinthavalai and Wannarat Suntiamorntut
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An Application of the Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm for Solving Raw Material Allocation Problems in Multi-Echelon Transportation.
˹ 419-434
Aekachai Khuptawatin and Rapeepan Pitakaso
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A Study of Crash Boxes Referred to Energy Absorption
˹ 435-448
Vorawit Voranavin Kullayot Suwantaroj Pichest Boonyala and Supachai Lakkam
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Age-related Trends in Carbohydrate Reserves, Latex Yields, Macronutrient Contents, Chemical Compositions and Physical-mechanical Properties in Rubber Trees
˹ 449-463
Rawee Chiarawipa and Wittaya Prommee
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Low-bit Rate Vibration Signals
˹ 464-471
Songsak Suwannasri and Kiatfa Tangchaichit
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The Role of Founder Effect on Genetic Structure of the Lawa in Mae Hong Son Province
˹ 472-483
Jatupol Kampuansai Supalak Mheetong and Wibhu Kutanan
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Effects of Impact Modifiers and Lamination Processes on the Damage Property of Transparent Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Cast Sheet
˹ 484-500
Chakrit Sriprachuabwong Narumol Kreua-ongarjnukool and Kitikorn Charmondusit
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Confidence Intervals for the Mean of Lognormal Distribution with Application
˹ 501-510
Danupon Thongkum Songmuang Laotrakool and Wuttichai Srisodaphol
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Feasibility Study of a Container Repairing Factory Establishment in Songkhla
˹ 511-526
Siriporn Ruangsook Runchana Sinthavalai and Sakesun Suthammanon
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
An Application of Cost of Quality for a Gasket Manufacturing Factory
˹ 527-535
Sakesun Suthummanon Runchana Sinthavalai and Sonthaya Thaweerat
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Polymers from Biological Sources: A Literature Review
˹ 536-547
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Development and Validation of the Physical Activity Questionnaire for Thai Children
˹ 548-557
Wanphen Wimonpeerapattana Kallaya Kijboonchoo Wiyada Thasanasuwan and Chakarg Pongurgsorn
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