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շ 18 Ѻ 2 չҤ - ¹ 2556

Combined Convective and Radiative Heat Transfer on Transpiration Cooling System in Al-Co Open-celled Foam having PPI of 20
˹ 191-199
Pipatana Amatachaya, Bundit Krittacom and Rapeepong Peamsuwan
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Investigation of the Self-cleaning Properties of Cotton Fabrics Finished with Nano-TiO2 and Nano-TiO2 Mixed with Fumed Silica.
˹ 200-211
Penwisa Pisitsak Arnon Samootsoot and Nassarin Chokpanich
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The Study and Development of Conveying Cassava Machine for Truck Loading
˹ 212-220
Chaiyan Junsiri and Seree Wongpichet
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Security of Cloud Computing Technology
˹ 221-239
Suchart Khummanee
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Evaluation of Automated Chromosome G-band Images Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization
˹ 240-256
Pichet Wayalun Phatthanaphong Wanchanthuek Panida Songram Phatthanaphong Chompoowises and Natthariya Laopracha
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Effects of herbal products on fish immunity
˹ 257-269
Chanagun Chitmanat
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Appropriate binder for titanium dioxide coating onto fluorescent lamps for microorganism removal from the air
˹ 270-279
Seehararch Larpkern, Sitthisuntorn Supothina, Paradee Chuaybamroong
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Compressive Strength, Porosity and Water Absorption of Mortar Containing Ceramic Electrical Insulator Powder
˹ 280-288
Suwannee Laopanya1 and Veera Horsakulthai
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Production and detection of glucuronidase (GUS) protein in fruit tissue of papaya (Carica papaya L.) and banana (Musa acuminata L.) using Agrobacterium transient transformation
˹ 289-296
Sunsanee Nacharoen Ratree Koohapitakthum Anjana Bhunchoth Nuchnard Warin and Parichart Burns
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Influence of Volume Fraction from Brake Linings to the Flexibility Behavior and Internal Energy
˹ 297-310
Songwut Mongkonlerdmanee Polrut Boonmee and Supachai Lakkam
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Pennywort Drying using Infrared Radiation: Drying Kinetics, Energy Consumption and Quality Aspect
˹ 311-324
Supawan Tirawanichakul Salinla Chanchiew and Yutthana Tirawanichakul
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Influences of Far-Infrared Radiation on the Energy Efficiency of Stepwise Jet Spouted Bed Drying System
˹ 325-343
Kitti Sathapornprasath and Chatchai Nimmol
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Bi-ideals of a P-Regular Near Left Almost Rings
˹ 344-349
Thtii Gaketem
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Hydrogen Separation from Water Molecules by Photocatalytic Process
˹ 350-360
Wichien Sang-aroon
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Survey on Protection of Work Hazards due to Painting in Automotive Repair Shop, Khon Kaen Municipality
˹ 361-370
Wipharat Phokee Supaporn Bualoeng and Sunisa Chaiklieng
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