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շ 17 Ѻ 4 áҤ - ԧҤ 2555

Drying Time Reduction of Rubberwood
˹ 505-514
Thanate Ratanawilai Kulyuth Boonseng and Somchai Chuchom
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Application of Quality Function Deployment Technique for searching of Device Characteristic and Design of Health Care Monitoring Device
˹ 515-527
Napisporn Meemongkol Peerayu Junsong Wannarat Santiamorntut
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An Application of Knowledge Management in Industry Sector: A Case Study of five Thailand Industries
˹ 528-542
Runchana Sinthavalai Napisphon Meemongkol and Nawaporn Phenglong
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Anaerobic Digestion Development of Leaves and Petioles of Longan Waste Residue to Generate Biogas and By Products
˹ 543-555
Klinpratoom Panyaping Naparat Sutinan Piyanan Tananchai and Ukrit Muangkhuanjai
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Anchovy paste production from lactic acid fermentation of Anchovy fish found in the Gulf of Thailand
˹ 556-564
Sukuma Thienchai and Saipin Chaiyanan
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Bioproduction of Ethanol in SHF and SSF from Cassava Stalks
˹ 565-572
Buddhiporn Sovorawet and Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn
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Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) production from glycerol by marine microorganisms
˹ 573-579
Sathita Phol-in Donlaya Kamkalong Adisak Jaturapiree and Phimchanok Jaturapiree
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Potential use of shochu kasu to produce exopolysaccharides from Lactobacillus sakei CY1 and their effect on soil aggregation
˹ 580-592
Emma Yuliani Tsuyoshi Imai and Shintaro Tomita
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Screening and Environmental Factors Effecting on Growth of Heparinase-Producing Bacteria
˹ 593-606
Waranyoo Pulsawat and Prapasri Khanitchaidecha
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Optimization of Carotenoids Production by Red Yeast Sporobolomyces pararoseus TISTR5213 Using Waste Glycerol as the Sole Carbon Source
˹ 607-621
Atchara Manowattana Phisit Seesuriyachan Charin Techapun and Thanongsak Chaiyaso
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Study on Optimal Conditions for Reducing Sugars Production from Recycled Paper Sludge by Diluted Acid and Enzymes
˹ 622-629
Nantanat Kulsuwan and Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn
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Isolation and Selection of Anti-Candida albicans Metabolites Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria from Various Sources
˹ 630-638
Tanes Sungsri Monthon Lertcanawanichakul and Patcharaporn Siwayaprahm
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Review articles: Solving of University Course Timetabling Problem by Meta-heuristic: A Literature Review
˹ 639-659
Wutthipong Chinnasri Nidapan Sureerattanan and Soradech Krootjohn
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Validity and discriminative ability on physical impairment relating to kyphosis using 1.7-cm block
˹ 660-670
Thiwaporn Thaweewannakij Sawitree Wongsa Worrawan Kamruecha Jiraporn Khaengkhan Jiraporn Wongkuanklom Chontida Konkamtan and Sugalya Amatachaya
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Health Risk Assessment on the Consumption of Lead-contaminated Aquatic Animals from Fishery Resource in the Overflow Marsh.
˹ 671-686
Supansa Kiatsayomphu and Sunisa Chaiklieng
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