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շ 17 Ѻ 2 չҤ - ¹ 2555

Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activities of Azanaphthoquinone Annelated Pyrrolo Hydrazone Derivatives
˹ 195-202
Nipawan Pongprom and Pornpan Pungpo
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Influence of Annealing on the Giant Dielectric Properties of CuO Ceramics Prepared by a Simple PVA Sol-Gel
˹ 203-210
Thanin Putjuso and Peerasak Sangarun
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Effects of Sulfate Fertilizer on Rice Yield cv. Sakol Nakhon and Global Warming Potential
˹ 211-216
Jamnong Tragoolram and Patcharee Saenjany
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A Study on a Combined Light Pipe and Solar-heated Ventilation Stack
˹ 217-226
Thanyalak Taengchum Surapong Chirarattananon Robert H. B. Exell
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Batch fermentation of sugar cane juice for producing biopolymer of PHAs
˹ 227-235
Samart Moonamart Pakawadee Kaewkannetra and Waranya Suwannasing
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Airborne Microorganism Removals Using Air Purifiers with Different Principles
˹ 236-244
Yuparat Limmongkon Chuleewan Thunyasirinon Rotruedee Chotigawin Pipat Sribenjalux and Paradee Chuaybamroongh
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Taxonomy of sugarcane longhorn beetle Dorysthenes spp. derived from North and Northeast of Thailand
˹ 245-256
Duangrat Thongphak and Chonlada Hanlaoedrit
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Effects of Using Fermented Cassava Peel as an Energy and Fiber ?Sources in Dietson ?Growth Performance and Carcass Quality in the Tropical ?Finishing Lambs
˹ 257-266
Watcharawit Meenongyai Panuwat Khumpeerawat Supparin Mahasawasde and Watchara Muangnak
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Separation of Nanoscale Natural Fibers from Rice Straw by Organosolv-High Shear Homogenization System
˹ 267-277
Chularat Krongtaew and Siritorn Narkchamnan
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Study on Cleaning and the Residues in Thai Rice Combine Harvester
˹ 278-286
Anuchit Amsing Narong Panya and Winit Chinsuwan
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The New Estimation of Coefficient of Variation of Ratio Correlated Data
˹ 287-292
Jinda Sawattawee and, Suchada Kornpetpaneeo
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Torlerencing analysis of Head Stack Assembly using Direct Linearization Method
˹ 293-302
Ponthep Vengsungnle and Kiatfa Tangchaichit
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A Comparison of Remineralizing Effect of Resin Sealant with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, Resin Sealant with Fluoride and Glass Ionomer Sealant: In Vitro
˹ 303-314
Anoma Rattanacharoenthum Kanokkan Pungpimai Apa Juntavee Niwut Juntavee and Supaporn Chatrchaiwiwatana
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The Participatory Development of Youth, Family and School in Preventing Unsafe Sex Problems in Junior High School Students, Dankhunthod District,Nakhon Ratchasima Province
˹ 315-324
Tanida Phatisena Thitima Phodhichai and Sirisuda Thanapatto
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Risk Factors of Repetitive Strain Injuries among Workers of the Stone Sculpture Industry, Chonburi Province.
˹ 325-337
Sunisa Chaiklieng Watcharakorn Riabroi and Rungthip Puntumetakul
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