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շ 17 Ѻ 1 Ҥ-Ҿѹ 2555

Bagging Random Tree for Analyzing Breast Cancer Survival
˹ 1-13
Jaree Thongkam* and Vatinee Sukmak
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Optimization of Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction Technique for the Determination of Trace Organochlorine Pesticides in Surface Sediments
˹ 14-24
Amornrat Wongklom and Janpen Intaraprasert
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Inulin and Fructooligosacharides in Different Varieties of Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.)
˹ 25-34
Siriporn Tanjor Kunchit Judprasong Chanantita Chaito and Sanan Jogloy
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Prediction Equations of Metabolizable Energy Content in Beef Cattle Diets
˹ 35-44
Suwit Thiputen and Kritapon Sommart
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A cane cutter allocation correspond planned sugar cane harvest scheduling to maximize total sugar yield
˹ 45-57
Kanchana Sethanan and Woraya Neungmatcha
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Geological Map of Phutok Formation Improvement explored from Potash and Rock Salt drilled holes, topography and outcrops on the Khorat Plateau
˹ 58-70
Parkorn Suwanich
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Solving a multi-objective, source & stage location-allocation problem: a case study of a bagasse and cassava pulp ethanol plant in northeastern Thailand
˹ 71-87
Thongpoon Thongde and Rapeepan Pitakaso
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The Development of an Automatic Barbed Wire Fabricating Machine for Community
˹ 88-96
Praitoon Chaiwongsa and Somporn Hongkong
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Energy Efficiency of Paddy Dehydration Process using Pneumatic Dryer with Spiral-pipe Drying Column
˹ 97-109
Chatchai Nimmol
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A Solar Dryer Technology and Its Development
˹ 110-124
Jaruwat Jareanjit
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Logistics and Supply Chain Management of Rice in the Northeastern Area of Thailand
˹ 125-141
Sanan Thoucharee and Rapeepan Pitakaso
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
A Study of Learning Achievement and Satisfaction by using the Social Network Websites for Third-Year Students majoring in Computer Science
Sunsanee Liangpanit
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Design of a Novel Compact Dual Band Monopole Antenna for WLAN
˹ 153-161
Jagraphon Obma Niwat Angkawisittpan and Nattawoot Suwannata
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Antioxidant activity and oxalate content of selected Thai herbal teas
˹ 162-168
Chadamas Pinitsoontorn Sunthon Suwantrai and Patcharee Boonsiri
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
Ruthenium: Novel drug development and applications in cancer therapy
˹ 169-191
Korawan Chakree and Adisorn Ratanaphan>
Ѵ | Full Text (PDF)
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