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շ 16 Ѻ 8 Ȩԡ¹-ѹҤ 2554

Improvement of Vitamin B6 Production from Rhizobium sp. 6-1C1 by Random Mutation
˹ 911-918
Anutrakulchai Chitchanok, Phloysungwarn Rattasaritt, Senamontri Suthatip, Phimwapi Suphaporn, Piadang Nattayana and Trongpanich Yanee
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Selection of Yeast Stain and Optimum Conditions for Scale-up Ethanol Production from Sweet Sorghum Juice
˹ 919-930
Lakkana Laopaiboon, Kulachate Pianthong, Worawut Sridee, Prasit Jaisil, Mallika Boonmee and Pattana Laopaiboon
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Exposure Assessment of Nitrate and Nitrite from the Consumption of Processed Meat in Thai Population
˹ 931-941
Wenika Benjapong, Weeraya Karnpanit, Jirarat Thesasilp, Jutima Likhitrattanaporn, Piyanuch Visetchart, Narisara Moungsrichan and Thitima Pochai
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Reduction of Production Factors in Pesticide - Free Vegetables for Farmers in Wangyao, Danchang District, Supanburi Province
˹ 942-950
Wanpiti Artdet, Chamaree Klangkarn, Udomsak Kitthawee, Phanomporn Poldaeng and Sirorad Sribanchaem
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Relationship between Fingerprint Pattern and Multiple Intelligence
˹ 951-964
Somsong Nanakorn, Wichuda Chaisiwamongkol, Niyada Honark, Supannee Ungpansattawong, Amnuay Maneesriwongul, Rassame Suwanwerakamtorn and Kusuma Chusilp
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Effects of Spike-Tooth Pattern and Louver Inclination of an Axial Flow Rice Combine Harvester on Threshing Losses
˹ 965-972
Tiwaporn waingwised, Somchai Chuan-udom and Winit Chinsuwan
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Patterns of Adjustment of Guide Vane Inclination of Axial Flow Rice Threshing Unit Affecting on Threshing Unit Losses and Power Requirement when Thresh Chainat 1 Variety
˹ 973-980
Somchai Chuan-udom
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The Efficiency of Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket and Internal Circulation Wastewater Treatment Systems
˹ 981-992
Sirion Lhaochai and Lamyai Neeratanaphan
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Comparison of Rates for Expansion of Surface and Subsurface Sinkholes: a Case Study at Ban Bo Deang Amphoe Ban Muang Changwat Sakon Nakhon
˹ 993-1002
Peangta Satarugsa and Sakorn Sangchumpoo
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Effect of Crossed-legs and Heel Sitting Postures on Median Frequency Values of Lumbar Multifidus and Internal Oblique Muscles in a Healthy Population
˹ 1003-1013
Pattanasin Areeudomwong, Rungthip Puntumetakul, Naruemon Leelayuwat, Sawitri Wanpen and Wichai Eungpinichpong
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Systemic Safety of Silver Zinc Sulfadiazine with Silk Sericin Cream for Burn Wound Treatment
˹ 1014-1024
Sirinoot Palapinyo, Pornprom Muangman and Pornanong Aramwit
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Contamination of Coliform Bacteria in Rural Households Drinking Water
˹ 1025-1035
Warangkana Sunsitthisawad and Somsak Pitaksanurat
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Effects of Sauna on Muscle Strength in Amateur Boxer in Khon Kaen University
˹ 1036-1042
Paweena Hiruntrakul
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Administrative Factors and Management Processes Affecting Functional Competencies of the Head of Health Center in Kalasin Province
˹ 1043-1053
Thanaphat Arunperm and Chanaphol Sriruecha
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An Evaluation of Prehospital Medical System Management of the Primary Emergency Unit under Local Administrative Organizations in Roi Et Province
˹ 1054-1064
Inthanon Inthanop, Wirat Pansila and Wongsa Laohasiriwong
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