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շ 15 Ѻ 5 Ҥ 2553

Reduced Formation and Elimination of Salmonella typhimurium Biofilm Using Crude Garlic Extract
˹ 331-342
Tatsaporn Todhanakasem Duangkamol Phositlimpakul and Ramida Jongsupangkarat
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Production, characterization and hydrolysation products of xylanase from Bacillus subtilis GN156
˹ 343-350
Jakkapan Pratumteep Jirakarn Sansernsuk Sunee Nitisinprasert and Jirawan Apiraksakorn
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Construction of a vector containing a formaldehyde-hyperresistance gene as a selective marker
˹ 351-359
Thanit Koolkoksong and Atcha Boonmee
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Solid State Fermentation Effects on Pistachio Hulls Antioxidant Activities
˹ 360-366
Ehsan Karimi Ehsan Oskoueian Rudi Hendra and Jaafar HZE
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Optimization of medium components for the production of milk clotting enzyme by a filamentous fungus A26 in solid state fermentation using rice bran
˹ 367-376
Chaowaree Adthalungrong Eakaphun Bangyeekhun and Kanjana Phiwphad
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Tannin Extraction from Mangosteen Peel for Protein Precipitation in Wine
˹ 377-385
Khanittha Moosophin Tanyaporn Wetthaisong La-ong Seeratchakot and Wilasinee Kokluecha
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Quantitative method for assessing biogenic amines in fermented food products by colorimetry
˹ 386-392
Jaruwan Thanapurtiwong and Jirasak Kongkiattikajorn
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Influence of size reduction of waxy rice kernel on Sato production and its volatile compounds
˹ 393-403
Sitthipong Chotpattarasumon Sutchai Ruenchit Pitiporn Ritthiruangdej and Thanut Amatayakul
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Isolation of Acid-Sensitive Lactobacillus plantarum and its application as starter in Nham production to prevent over-fermentation
˹ 404-423
Pornpan Jaichumjai Apinya Assavanig Ruud Valyaseviand Peter Kurdi
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Lactic Acid Bacteria ? Friend or Foe? Lactic Acid Bacteria in the Production of Polysaccharides and Fuel Ethanol
˹ 424-435
Joseph O. Rich Kenneth M. Bischoff Timothy D. Leathers Gregory L. Cote and Siqing Liu
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Optimization of lactic acid production from tapioca starch hydrolysate by Lactobacillus casei TISTR 453
˹ 436-445
Chaowaree Adthalungrong and Sayamol Temviriyanukul
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Screening of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Piglet Faeces for Antimicrobial Activity
˹ 446-455
Buasai Petsuriyawong and Nongpanga Khunajakr
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Solid state production of Esterase using groundnut oil cake by fish intestinal isolate Bacillus circulans
˹ 459-474
G. Immanuel P. Esakkiraj and A. Palavesam
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