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շ 13 Ѻ 10 Ȩԡ¹ 2551

Simultaneous Removal of Organic and Solid Matter nad Nitrogen in a SSHF Constructed Wet land in Temperate Mediterranean Climate
˹ 1117-1128
Antonio Albuquerque, Miroslawa Arendacz, Hanna Obarska-Pempkowiak, Miguel Borges and Maria Correia
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Community forest: a local attempt in natural resource management, economic value of ecosystem services, and contribution to local livelihoods
˹ 1129-1134
Adcharaporn Pagdee, Samang Homchuen, Paiboon Sang-arome and Yasushi Sasaki
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Modeling Approach on Studying the Effect of Water Level Fluctuation on Belowground Oxygen Dynamics in Wetland Mesocosms
˹ 1135-1144
S.K. Weragoda, Tran Huyen Trang, S. Sasikala, K.B.S.N. Jinadasa, Norio Tanaka and Yasushi Sasaki
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Nitrification and Organic Oxidation Using Polyethylene Bio-carrier
˹ 1145-1151
Narumol Vongthanasunthorn, Kiyoshi Nishidome and Akihiro Ueda
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Onsite Wastewater Treatment of Household Industry (Saa Paper Pulping) by Hybrid Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland System
˹ 1152-1160
Seni Karnchanawong and Surasak Noommeesri
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Methane and Volatile Organic Compounds Emission and Distribution from Solid Waste Disposal Activities in Thailand
˹ 1161-1171
Sansarith Thianpopirug, Chart Chiemchaisri and Wilai Chiemchaisri
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Feasibility of low cost post-treatment options for the anaerobic processes of tapioca starch wastewater: Fungal Down-flow Hanging Sponge (DHS) and Bacterial DHS systems
˹ 1172-1184
Patcharin Racho, Boonchai Wichitsathian and Ranjna Jindal
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PM10 dispersion during air pollution episode in Saraburi, Thailand
˹ 1185-1190
Sittichai Pimonsree, Prungchan Wongwises and Rudklao Pan-Aram
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Immobilization of Heavy Metals by Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer
˹ 1191-1198
Kiatsuda Somna, Chai Jaturapitakkul, Puangrat Kajitvichyanukul, Prinya Chindaprasirt
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Modeling Approach to Water Quality Management in the Lower Pong River, Thailand
˹ 1199-1206
Netnapid Tantemsapya, Wanpen Wirojanagud and Srirat Suwannakom
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