KKU Research Journal
ISSN 0859-3957

շ 13 Ѻ 3 ¹ 2551

Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Study on Voice Coil Temperature Rise during Faster and Frequent Seeking in Hard Disk Drives
˹ 279-285
Keiji Aruga, Keishi Shimizu, Masaya Suwa and Yoshiharu Matsuda
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Justifying a Continuous Monitoring System
˹ 286-304
Roger W. Welker
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The Optimization of the Efficiency of the Cleaning System in Hard Drive Industry
˹ 305-310
T. Juntarat and W. Pijitrojana
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Design of Fuzzy Logic for Hard Disk Drive's Arm Bending Machine
˹ 311-316
Settha Tangkawanit and Surachet Kanprachar
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The Finite Element Analysis of Factors affecting Deformation of Solder Bumps
˹ 317-322
S. Ruangsinchaiwanich, S. Intachai and M. Inphou
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The Study of Testing Techniques for Positioner of Servo Track Writer
˹ 323-328
P. Srisawat, N. Pengpajorn, S. Kittiban, N. Jakkujun, W. Piyarat, P. Thepsathorn, V. Tarateeraseth and K. Witheephanich
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The Manufacture Monitoring System Base on SPC Rules
˹ 329-334
Eakachai Varongsinghara, Khatachai Khoontanasinchai, Supadaech Chanjaradwichai and Pisit Phokharatkul
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Study of Optimization Condition for Spin Coating of the Photoresist Film on 3 Inches Wafer by Taguchi Design of an Experiment
˹ 335-340
Nithi Atthi, Chuckaphun Aramphongphun, Patcharaporn Yanpirat, Peerayuth Charnsetthikul and Wutthinan Jeamsaksiri
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3-Dimensionals Lithography Techniques for Air Bearing Surface Patterning in Hard-Disk Drive Reading/Writing Head Manufacturing
˹ 341-347
Nithi Atthi, Jirawat Jantawong, Wutthinan Jeamsaksiri, Charndet Hru-anun and Amporn Poyai
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Local Photomask Fabrication Capability to Support Hard-Disk Drive Manufacturing in Thailand
˹ 348-352
Nithi Atthi
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Improvement Bar Sitting Process Step in Air Bearing Surface Patterning By using Micropallette
˹ 353-358
Nithi Atthi, Jirawat Jantawong, Wutthinan Jeamsaksiri, Apirak Pankiew and Amporn Poyai
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Three Dimensional Study of Air Flow in 3.5 inch Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
˹ 359-364
Pramoth Boonyaritchaikit, Sirivit Taechajedcadarungsri and Daranee Hormdee
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Automated Visual Inspection for Magnetization Process
˹ 365-370
Anirut Pasukree and Thavida Maneewarn
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Study of Characteristic of Flow Passed Actuator Arm by Large Eddy Simulation Method
˹ 371-375
Jarupol Suriyawanakul and Kiatfa Tangchaichit
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Study the factor from tolerance with the result to Gram load of Head Stack Assembly
˹ 376-382
Paisan Sakchuchawan and Kiatfa Tangchaichit
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Tolerance Analysis of Pivot ball bearing in Hard Disk Drive
˹ 383-390
B. Prannattee and K. Tangchaichit
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Disk Drive Cluster Development - A Comparison between Thailand and Singapore
˹ 391-396
Chayakrit Charoensiriwath
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Development of A Data Acquistion Board for Measuring HDD signals
˹ 397-402
Thongthai Lerkraisit and Wanchalerm Pora
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