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On Semiprime and Quasi Semiprime ideals in AG-Groupoids
     Pairote Yiarayong
Quality Assurance of MRI Scanner Using ACR Phantom
    Panatsada Awikunprasert Petcharakorn Hanpanich Jeeranuch Jumpa Pansak Seemoon Saranya Jaruchainiwat and Wuttisak Boonphongsathien
Optimal Conditions of Friction Welding Process for AISI 1015 Steel using Response Surface Methodology
     Ittipon Worapun Chuanchai Chooppava and Chawalit Thinvongpituk
Experimental Study on Heat Transfer Characteristics in Square Duct with Double V-ribbed Tape
     Teerapat Chompookham Witoon Chingtuaythong and Pongjet Promvonge
A Varietal Classification of Terminalia chebula Retz (Combretaceae)
     Puntiwa Krachai Pranom Chataranothai and Pimwadee Pornpongrungrueng
Effect of annealing on atomic diffusion and magnetic properties in antiferromagnetically coupled FePd/Ru/CoFe thin film
     Eakgapon Kaewnuam Chaisak Issro  Prapon Lertloypanyachai and Worawut Muangrat
Investigation of Cooling Effect of Urban Green Area on Air Temperature and Relative Humidity
    Sirat Taksadipong Sawitri Chuntranuluk and Thitima Rungratanaubon
Pectin from Pods of Riang (Parkia timoriana (DC.) Merr.): Chemical Properties and Jelly Products
     Supaporn Apirattananusorn
The Optimum Density of Sirindthorn Fairy Shrimp (Streptocephalus sirindhornae Sanoamuang, Murugan, Weekers and Dumont) Culture System in Earthen Pond By Using Agricultural Waste Water and Fermented Rice Noodle Factory
     Kosit Sreeputhorn
Review article :
Natural Rubber Latex Protein
     Wichuda Jankangram
Biochemistry of Bacterial Alcohol Dehydrogenases
Health Science
Short paper: Risk assessment of Bisphenol A migration from baby feeding bottles

     Kannikar Chatsantiprapa Sikarin Srihan Roongtip Navakoksri and Nusra Kunthaprom
Assessment of Lead Levels in some Childrens Plastic Toys
     Somsiri Decharat Supandee Maneelo and Sommai Chuchay
Knowledge and Capacity Building Need of Local Government Officials on Environmental and Health Impact Assessment in Khon Kaen Province
     Uraiwan Inmuong Panee Rithmak Wipharat Phokee Pornpun sakunkoo and Yanyong Inmuong
Servey of Drinking Water Production in Sealed Container with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Kalasin Province
     Methawee Polying and Warangkana Sungsitthisawad
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