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շ 20 Ѻ 1 January - March 2015

The Participation in Health Promotion of Health Personnel in Community Hospitals Roi Et province, Thailand

Rungnapaporn Prachanai* and Prachak Bouphan


Thawat Buri Hospital, Roi Et Province, Thailand

Department of Public Health Administration, Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

*Correspondent author: bprach@kku.ac.th



This cross-sectional descriptive research aims to study the participation in health promotion and identify motivation and organizational supports that affect the participation in health promotion of health personnel in community hospitals in Roi Et province, Thailand. Two research instruments used were a self-administered questionnaire and an in-depth interview guideline. The Cronbachs alpha value of the questionnaire was 0.98. After approved for ethical review, 100 questionnaires were sent to the participants. Twelve key informants were then appointed for the in-depth interview. The data collection was carried out from January to February, 2014. Descriptive statistics, Pearsons correlation and stepwise multiple linear regression were performed for data analysis. The fidings from the interview were evaluated by content analysis approach. The fidings revealed that the level of participation in health promotion of the health personnel was high (3.86 ? 0.50). Correlation analysis showed a high positive relationship between motivation and the participation in health promotion at statistically signifiant level (r = 0.805, p-value < 0.001) and a moderate positive relationship between organizational supports and the participation in health promotion at statistically significant level (r = 0.577, p-value < 0.001). The regression model showed that there were fie factors predicting the participation in health promotion approximately 65.4 percent, namely, personal life (r2 = 0.440, p-value = 0.045), management (r2 = 0.548, p-value = 0.020), recognition (r2 = 0.597, p-value = 0.012), advancement (r2 = 0.623, p-value = 0.002) and interpersonal relationship (r2 = 0.654, p-value = 0.004). The fidings in this study indicated that most problems (77.7 percent) related to personnel motivation. This study recommended that work guidelines must be clear and promote teamwork. Organization structures should be well organized, personnel morale should be maintained, career advancement must be carefully designed, and the chance of participation in planning and evaluating stage should be provided. These could improve motivation, organizational supports and participation.


Keywords:Community Hospital, Participation in Health Promotion, Health Personnel, Organizational Supports, Motivation


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