KKU Research Journal
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շ 20 Ѻ 1 January - March 2015

Characteristics of Hang Rice and its Cooking

Soraya Kerdpiboon* and Tongchai Puttongsiri


Faculty of Agro-Industry, King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Chalongkrung Road, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, THAILAND, 10520

*Corresponding author: kksoraya@kmitl.ac.th



This paper explained characteristics of Hang rice or Horm Thong rice, which is famous in the northeastern region of Thailand. Hang rice is high nutritious rice. It riches in vitamin E, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B and niacin. Moreover, it consists a lot of minerals such as magnesium, selenium and calcium, for example. In addition, Hang rice has gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as same as brown rice. Because of Hang rice harvesting, characteristics of Hang rice are differing from brown rice and other high nutritious rice. Contents in this paper described some characteristics of Hang rice, Hang rice processing, morphology, nutritional value, selected physical properties of Hang rice and Hang rice cooking in recently. General data could be used to further product development of Hang rice


Keywords:cooking, Hang rice, high nutritious rice, physical property


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