KKU Research Journal
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շ 19 Ѻ 6+ January - February 2015

Effect of Compost Made from Filter Cake and Distillery Slop on Sugarcane Growth

Tipnapa Wongkoon, Sophon Boonlue and Nuntavun Riddech*


Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University, Thailand

*Correspondent author: nunrid@kku.ac.th



Compost is recycled of bio- degradable organic waste to be used bio fertilizer to promote plant nutrients uptake and influence soil physical and biochemical properties. This study aims to study decomposition of organic residues from sugar mill and alcohol factories, properties of compost product and its effect on plant growth. Germination test has shown that the compost made from filter cake and distillery slop was matured within 45 days and is within normal range of compost maturity duration. Organic matter and NPK content of the compost increased with time during composting and highest value was observed in compost samples taken on day 45. Even though there was no notable difference in maturity period, substrates inoculated with KKU microbes produced better results in all when compared to substrates inoculated by commercial compost microbes. Amending compost inoculated with KKU microbes with chemical fertilizer significantly increased shoot biomass and had a positive effect on growth and development of sugarcane. Though compost prepared from distillery slop and filter cake is a good source of plant nutrients, our result demonstrate that better results would be obtained if it amended with NPK fertilizers.


Keywords : compost, sugarcane, filter cake, distillery slop


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