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Management of Environmental Health in Student Dormitories

Rungruetai Boonthos* Warangkana Sungsitthisawad


Students of Master of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University

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*Correspondent author: rung_kku@hotmail.com



This cross-sectional descriptive research aimed to study the environmental health management of student residential areas within 4 kilometers radius around Khon Kaen University. To collect the data, interviews with 56 dormitory managers and the environmental health quality assessment on 80 residential units were conducted. The results showed that the majority of dormitories scored well (83.93%) on the standard of private dormitory. However, the scores on physical environment (94.64%), services and facilities (96.43%), and security and accident prevention (73.21) did not meet the requirement.


Keywords:dormitory management, dormitory standard


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